Alexandra Tsang

Alex is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in forensic psychology. She is the Director and Chief Psychologist at the Kane County Diagnostic Center and also holds a forensic private practice. In her 23 years of forensic work, she has conducted fitness to stand trial assessments, sanity evaluations, custody evaluations, Miranda Warnings, sex offender evaluations, sexually violent predator evaluations, violence risk assessments, school shooting threat assessments and juvenile transfer evaluations. Alex assists the Sherriff’s Office in conducting fitness for duty evaluations and pre-employment screenings. Her private practice work focuses on forensic assessments for other governmental jurisdictions, public speaking and expert witness testimony. Prior to forensic work, she had two clinical private practices with a focus on individual and family therapy, have worked on an inpatient psychiatric unit and has worked with abused children.

She has two teenage children and an Australian Shephard that keeps her busy in her spare time. Alex has always had a love of physics and is honored to be serving her second term on the CAB at Fermilab.