Download Agenda (pdf)

Time: 6:30 P.M.

Download Agenda (pdf)

Welcome (Andre Salles)

Bike path discussion (Martha Michels)

National Lab Day recap (Kurt Riesselmann)

Holometer presentation (Chris Stoughton)

Future of Fermilab Address discussion (Andre Salles)

Updates (Andre Salles)

Additional topics for discussion (CAB)


Welcome – Andre Salles

Report on 15th Floor and Art Gallery – Kim Mazur (15 minutes)

Website update – Kevin Munday (15 minutes)

Introduction and Org Chart Discussion – Tim Meyer (20-30 minutes)

Presentation on MicroBooNE move – Mitchell Soderberg (30 minutes)

Update on Lab Activities – Katie Yurkewicz (15 minutes)

Peer Review Discussion – Katie Yurkewicz (30 minutes)

Other Business